Add Teacher

Note: Only the school administrators can manage the teachers.

You can manage the list of teachers for your organization by either creating a new teacher profile, modifying an existing teacher profile, or activating or deactivating an existing teacher profile in their organization.

Add Teacher

To add a new teacher to an organization, navigate to My Teacher from the main menu. You will land on the My Teachers page which displays the existing teacher profiles, shown below.

The My Teachers page shows the teachers' records under the Active tab. In the image above, this particular organization has three active teachers.

If you'd like to add a new teacher to your organization, click the Add Teacher button in the top right corner of the My Teacher page.

Once you click the Add Teacher button, you will be redirected to the Add Teacher form. This form contains all the related information fields, shown below.

Required information fields need to be filled while enrolling a new teacher. If some information is missing, the system will show an error message asking for more information.


By providing valid information and clicking the Save button, you can add the teacher to the organization.

After adding the teacher successfully, the teacher will be notified with an email regarding teacher creation.
Note: Address fields are auto-completed.

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